VST Instument MIDI Output as MIDI Input on a Different Instrument Track

Hello all,
I have noticed a strange issue which I cannot resolve on my own and hope to get help with.

I have installed a VST plugin that produces MIDI output, so it should be intended that on one track that plugin is loaded as virtual instrument and on a different track the MIDI ouptut of the plugin is used as a MIDI input.
However, the plugin’s MIDI output does not show up in the selection list for MIDI inputs.
Is there anything like a virtual MIDI loopback bus or something that needs to be created first?

The plugin is Rhythmizer by Futurephonics (Rhythmizer 2.1 | Futurephonic)
Cubase Version is 6.5 (I know, it’s old but it is our EDU license and we cannot upgrade, sadly)
I use the Steinberg UR22 mkII Audio interface and my machine runs on Windows 11.
If anything is missing, please let me know. I really hope, somebody can give a hint on how to solve this issue.

All the best!

Do you by chance have any other plugin that creates a MIDI out port successfully in Cubase?
I haven’t used this plugin but I have a couple of others that sends MIDI out, but then again, I’m on the latest version and my memory doesn’t stretch all the way back to v6.5 I’m afraid!
Does it make a difference if you add the plugin as a Rack Instrument rather than a Track Instrument?

Page 8 from the manual explains how to setup in cubase, did you do like the manual ?

On that same page it states that ASIO guard needs to be disabled for Rythmizer to work.

Hi, thank you for your reply!
I don’t have another plugin that creates MIDI output. Could you recommend any (possibly free) so I can test it?
I would install it, get more insight and could give more information.

I am not sure whether 6.5 has rack instruments. To be honest, I have never used it and could not find anything in the manual.

Hi, thanks for the answer!
Of course I followed the manual and also the corresponding video. In both, the plugin is installed, added as instrument and then used on a different instrument track as MIDI input. As described, that is where the problem is.
Also, I don’t have any setting for ASIO guard in Cubase.

Then it should work. Could it be some incopatibility with that cubase version ? Could you try on another DAW, you can download Cubase 12 demo just to try.

Yes, it should work. Because it does not work as expected, I am asking for help. No offense. I have read the manual, I don’t want to change my DAW. I have seen that the plugin works on other people’s machines and want to get it to work with my setup I have given the information about.
If someone knew that in Cubase 6.5 it is impossible to use such plugins due to incompatability or if there was a workaround, that would be helpful. I spent the last days guessing and trying around already and a concrete hint would be appreciated.
Do you know any other plugin producing MIDI output I could try in my setup, maybe?
Or do you have any information if an internal MIDI loopback is necessary?

EDIT: I deleted the comment above because I missed to hit the reply button and made a regular comment instead.

That should not be necessary. The plugin should create a MIDI Out port that should just show up within Cubase.

I understand that as you explained the reason.

There is no official support for pre- cubase 10.5, so this forum is indeed your best shot for troubleshooting.

However, Cubase 6.5 …
If I would be able to help you 'd give you the answer.

Anyhow, you brought that Rhytmizer 2.1 to my attention, so Thank You!


Did you check the over all “MIDI Port Setup?” This is where you choose which ports are vissible or not and which ports are used when ‘all MIDI ports’ is selected. It might be as simple as that, but I assume that you have checked this allready?

you could try Riffer trial

kontakt nad halion have multi outs afaik
bluearp is similar to rhythmizer and has multi out

@diegoalejo15 The discussion is about plugins that exposes a MIDI out port, not multiple audio outputs.

kontakt and bluearp do have midi out, I think halion too.

Hello again,
thank you all for replying and your help!
I have at least figured out the problem now. Older Cubase versions like my 6.5 indeed do not support MIDI output by instrument tracks. It is just not included as a feature. So, the only solution will be an update of Cubase, apparently.
I just wanted to report back in case anybody else might have this question in the future.
Cheers to you all!

“Older Cubase versions like my 6.5 indeed do not support MIDI output by instrument tracks.”

Hi @Thomas1.

Isn’t that the F11 tab? Where you bring up the VST Instrument Panel, select the Vsti, and activate the outputs via that little arrow to the left, that points right.

I know that creating a Vsti track in the project window is a bit different to creating it via F11.