VST - IR Loader for Amp/Cab and Instrument Simulation

I’m looking for a VST plugin - that lets me load my own IRs.

For example - I record my Taylor guitar, but I would run it through this plugin, with my Martin D-28 (guitar) IR loaded; and the plugin modifies the eq to make it close or closer sounding to the Martin.

I use these in my live rig (Helix Line 6) and love them. Is there a VST that lets you load custom IRs?


Not a big IR user myself. But if you have a Helix then Line 6 has a discount price for Helix Native and it works just like the hardware version and will let you use the IRs you have.

Also the REVerence Reverb is able to load IRs - and that’s absolutely everything I know about that.

@raino - THANK YOU. Good point. I forgot about Helix Native.