VST issue - fine on desktop - Freezes laptop

I’ve have an issue with one particular VST.
I’ve used TruePianos 64bit piano plugin with CB6.5 (Windows 10) on Desktop and Laptop for a number of years without any problem.
Since upgrading both desktop and laptop to CB 10 and then 10.5 loading TruePianos on the laptop causes CB10.5 to freeze. I have to shut down CB via Task Manager’s “End Task”.
The same plugin loads and runs with no problems on the desktop :confused:

I know the desktop and laptop uses different components, but the OS, CB10.5 and the VST are the same (all latest versions).
Can anyone throw any light on why this is happening, and if there’s a remedy?

I feel like you answered your own question - different components has different drivers

you could try a program that find drivers for you laptop automatically, like IOBIT Driver Booster. Maybe that would get you different drivers that could make you have better success with the vst.

Also contacting the makers of Truepianos asking them for support should be on your list if you can’t figure it out with updating your laptop drivers and settings.

Thanks for your reply, Glenn.

Just a bit more info:
The standalone version of TruePianos works absolutely fine on the laptop. It seems that, for some reason, CB10/10.5 and TruePianos don’t like each other.
This morning I tried opening an older CB6.5 project in CB10.5 that has a couple of TruePiano tracks on… It actually opened, and I was able to hear and edit the VST normally :astonished: . However, after closing, I tried several times to reopen the same project… Freeze, freeze, freeze :confused:
Just to reiterate: The VST works absolutely fine on the laptop in standalone and with CB6.5, It seems that there is something within CB10/10.5 that causes the issue.

I contacted TruePianos support a while ago about the problem. They were surprised and couldn’t offer any solutions. I think the company that make TruePianos is a very small concern. There have been no updates on their pianos for 3 or 4 years.

I’ll give your IObit suggestion a go.

I just want to add - It would be a shame to not be able to use the piano VST in CB10.5 as it’s my “go to” piano plugin. I love the sound and the interface is so simple, it’s a joy to use! In fact, if I can’t resolve this, I’ll probably stick with CB6.5 for any projects that involve piano.

UPDATE: IObit found several drivers in need of updating. I let IObit do its thing, update drivers and reboot… Still the freezes when loading TruePianos into CB10.5 :frowning:

in my personal experience I had quite a few plugins I needed to update when I updated from Cubase 9 to 10… They would just kill Cubase 10 but worked perfectly in Cubase 9 on the same computer…

so it is hard to tell exactly what’s going on. maybe a wild suggestion would be to put the vsti in a wrapper like JBrigde ? I really couldn’t say what to try next