vst issue related to keyboard

hello all
I am newbie
I am having Nuendo 4 and Korg pa900
I also bought SwarShala pro and its plugin and groove
I have added these plugin and groove to nuendo and I can play these plugin in nuendo
now what I want to do is that from SwarShala plugin a sound of tabla I want to use this sound of tabla to make a style on keyboard itself like one of the default drum kit on the keyboard like roomkit1,
First of all is it possible to do something like this or not…
right now what I am able to do is I have connected the keyboard to my system using USB CABLE no other interface is been used directly USB CABLE TO THE SYSTEM ,and I can play that VST SwarShala plugin sound through my keyboard and record that sound on Nuendo itself , I don’t want to do that I want to use that sound but want to make style on keyboard…

it will be helpful if any one help me out in this thank you