VST Issues - Should I Reinstall?

I’ve been using 8.5 for three or four years now and have always had problems having new VSTs show up, so they’re super unorganized and scattered throughout myriad folders. I recently downloaded two (Mammoth bass amp sim and Rxvv guitar amp sim) and installed them both in the same folder, but only the Mammoth is showing up. When I go into Plug-in Manager and click the refresh button, Cubase stops working and crashes, but doesn’t give me a crash dump so I can’t figure out what VST is the problem. (This has been an issue for a while though, I just powered through it and don’t remember which VST started causing the problem)

Long story short, should I just reinstall 8.5 and put all my VSTs into one location? If I do, will it mess up any active projects/templates/etc?