vst latency when re opening project that previously had no l

Hey, using cubase 7. Start new project and add multiple instruments no latency problems, everything is hunky dory. Next time i open the same project and attempt to record some more vst instrument tracks there is a bad latency on using keyboard controller to record further parts. Any suggestions to a possible cause and fix to this problem would be greatly appreciated. (will put u on my xmas card list) cheers pete g

Check to see if Constrain Delay Compensation is turned on.

sorted. thanks a lot. been giving me a headache this prob and i never knew the answer was up there on the tool bar. thanks for your sound and fast response to my problem. top man. cheers

You’re welcome sir.

On my system, if I turn Delay Compensation on, save the project, close, then reload, the DC buttons lights up but DC is not actually on. I have to toggle off and on again to activate it. This I would think is a bug, but does it happen on just my system I wonder? Can you test this out please?


The button turns on / off constrain plugin delay compensation, not delay compensation. Automatic plugin delay compensation is on by default and can´t be switched off.

Yes, you are absolutely right, my apologies for incorrect nomenclature.

So, I’d like to know if anyone sees the ‘constrain delay compensation’ button being lit up when opening a previously constrained project but is getting full delay compensation active rather than being constrained?


Not here. Saved with “constrain” activated opens with “constrain” activated, lit and working