VST Live 1.1.10, VST Viewer 1.0.10 and VST Live Mods 1.1.0 Maintenance Updates available

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of VST Live 1.1.10, VST Viewer 1.0.10 and VST Live Mods 1.1.0 for iOS Maintenance Updates.

For a detailed list of improvements and issue resolutions, please check out the Version History PDF files in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

To learn more about VST Live please click here.

The VST Live and VST Viewer updates can be downloaded via the Steinberg Download Assistant. The VST Live Mods update is available for download on the App Store.

We hope you will enjoy using the new updates!

Enjoy making music,

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Thanks for the update and your hard work. Thanks also for listening to your users and responding positively to suggestions.

Sorry but already found a minor bug: VstViewer - Crashes when setting a background colour.

Import Media project: Can only import a single project.

Trying to import multiple songs from Cubase to VstLive…

Start new project
Import media file to song #1
Add song
Now try to import media project - “do you wish to save” message after which existing project is closed and media file is imported to a new project.

cannot reproduce. I suspect you forgot to set the import options to “Song” with the 2nd import. The dialog resets those tick boxes, it probably shouldn’t.

My mistake. I didn’t even see the option for new project / new song.

Works wonderfully :grinning:. Thank you

Crate new project. Add viewer module, open it, right click and choose “set background colour”. Choose “yellow” and click ok. With an empty project it crashed immediately. With 4 songs defined and 4th song selected it crashed the second time I set the colour. On another song it took 3 or 4 colour changes before it crashed.

Yes thanks, the crash has already been reported and we are on the case. Appears to only happen with MacOS.

Thank you. Of course it had to be macOS!

Good night, I have a problem controlling the buttons with my Novation Launchkey 61 so it was like this after I updated I tried to install a trial on another machine but with the same bug I’m using windows. thankful

Hi @SandroLima,

we need some more information. Have you installed VST Live 1.1.10 and VST Viewer 1.0.10? I guess you want to control the VST Viewer with your Novation Launchkey 61? What exactly is not working. Every tiny hint is very important for us.


Good morning, I want to control the Layer volume of any virtual instrument like a piano, in the previous version I could get 1.1.0 it works if I update to version 1.1.10 when LEARN and I go to the volume button it turns yellow I turn the controller button it just goes to the button and there it doesn’t work, I tested a trial version of 1.1.10 and it’s the same way. Thanks for the answer.

You may want to check menu “Devices/Actions and Shortcuts” and there, in the “Layer” tab, you should find the learned “Volume”, right? Check if all settings are correct there.

Good night, thanks for the answer, I tried to add it through the Layer action but by the test it’s really having a bug when trying to read the controller action it puts parameters wrong in the Data2 From and Data2 To parameter To what I see there is a conflict between Data1 and Data2 which did not exist in previous versions Data2 didn’t exist before, but a bug to solve. thanks for the help

You are correct, this will be fixed. For now, set Data2 from to 0, and Data2 to to 127 (which it should do in the first place). There is also a minor bug that the Data2 menus show controllers, this will be fixed too. So you need to select cc#0 for Dat2 from, and cc#127 for Data2 to resp.

Good night, thank you very much, I will do what you told me, another problem I’m having and when I create an audio track and try to import an .mp3 audio, it takes time and the software crashes, closing, in which case I have to convert with other software a file for .mp3 to be able to open if I download from any site in .mp3 format trying to import the same does not open and it freezes everything . thankful.

It has been reported elsewhere and we fixed it for the next version, thanks. Happens only with certain mp3 files.

Good afternoon . Thank you very much for the support, do you have an estimate for the next update?

… early December,

thanks for replying to my question.