VST Live 1.1.30 and VST Viewer 1.0.30 Maintenance Updates available


We are pleased to announce the release of VST Live 1.1.30 and VST Viewer 1.0.30 Maintenance Updates.

The VST Live and VST Viewer updates can be downloaded via the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Beside the improves and fixes, we’ve added some features for VST Live

  • New Action: „ Start Next Song and Record”
  • Added MTC Output
  • Added MIDI-Input for Audio Plug-Ins
  • Added Quick Controls access to Plug-In window and Stacks
  • and more …

And for VST Viewer

  • Added option to store PDF for every song (use VST Viewer as Globals)
  • Added option to show PDF in additional window

The complete Version History PDF files of VST Live 1.1.30 can be found here and of VST Viewer 1.0.20 here

Enjoy making music,


Great news !
Unfortunately I can’t do much more. The FX plugins Midi Ins still don’t show in the list of Midi outputs…

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Couldn’t find them too
And operation manual is still v. 1.1

Good morning, thank you very much for fixing other bugs indicated above, I would not like to be the first to report a bug because I need to use it on December 25th and January 1st for the holidays, but let’s go until the moment I’m trying to create a Song with several Parts but when enabling the 1st volume the problem works normally and when creating the 2nd volume it disables the 1st volume. I’m running out of time because I have parties. I ask you to pay special attention to the issue of controller commands.

In Devices/Actions it just out of nowhere deletes the previous command leaving only the last one executed, if I try to use it manually it just doesn’t work, I’ll send the project here

these two features were exactly what I needed to make it usable! And it works. Great und thanks to the team.
You seem to make progress at a high pace.

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Where can I find a documentation on that in the manuals ?
Or is that really self-explaining to everyone (except me) ?

I can’t answer the documentation question, but this is what I do:

  1. within ich song you can open a module and choose VST Viewer as a module. Within VST Viewer you click the e symbol and open your pdf.
  2. In the VST Viewer window there is a little icon in the upper right corner which keeps the pdf window open when the song is active.
    If I now switch songs the pdf window stays open and the pdfs shown change with the song.

… I guess you are looking to send MIDI events from a MIDI track to an audio Plug-In of a Stack? Next version. 1.1.30 received an option to select an MIDI Input for every audio Plug-In.


… the development team is faster than the manual team. We’ll submit an updated manual later.


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I think it is better this way around:-)

… let’s see.

  • Start VL, New Project, Select Default Part_1 with Layer_1
  • Activate LEARN control and select Volume of Layer. Move a MIDI-CC

It works. The MIDI-CC controls now Layer_1 of Part_1.

  • Add a second Part_2 with its default Layer_1 to the project.

Move your learned MIDI-CC. It controls the Layer_1 of Part_2, too. Open the “Device / Actions and Shortcuts …” setup. Select the Layer tab. You can see the Volume configuration for Layer_1. That means that all first Layer_1 of any Parts will be controlled with that configuration. You can now add a new row for the second layer (of all parts) or go back to main-view, add a second layer and use the LEARN control again.

What am I missing?


… can you please give us a detailed description. It’s always difficult to reproduce those kinds of reports. Please give us something like

  • Start VL, New Project, Select Part_1 and Layer_1
  • Use LEARN control to learn Volume of Layer_1 with MIDI-CC 23
  • Add Part_2/Layer_1. Use LEARN control to configure Layer_1 of Part_2

… something like this. And if it is this one? Please watch out. VST Live does not know Part_X/Layer_XY controls. It knows Layer_1, Layer_2 … Layer_8. The configuration is for every part the same.


… excellent!

… thank you. I’ll them.


… we try our best to submit the manuals in time.

PDF for every songs

  • Start VL, Create a global Part (Menu / Part / Create global Part)
  • Select the Global Part
  • Select MODULES Tab, add Module, load a VST Viewer instance and open its editor (e)
  • Select “Song 1”. The VST Viewer now shows the name of the Song in the editor. Rename the “Song 1” and the Viewer will know it.
  • Select a PDF now in the Viewer. This one is now loaded to “Song_1”
  • Create a new Song_2. The Viewer is now in the context os Song_2. Select a new PDF in the Viewer for Song_2
  • Select Song_1., The Viewer will Show now the PDF of Song_1
  • and so on …

Show PDF in additional window

  • The View has a new control in upper right corner. Click that one and a standalone window appears which can run in fullscreen mode


Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks.

I found working now the chapter " PDF for every songs".
So we come closer to a useful usecase.
Problem :
It does not store the window position after restarting VST Live.
You have to re-position the window everytime you start.

Edit the new button is named “Breakout”

But Optimum behaviour would be :
Double click in the window caption

  • enters full screen mode (like near every other Windows application does)
  • stores its position an recovers it on restart

Thanks for you patience

… arg, yes. It’s fixed now. Next update. Thank you!

Sorry, I do not understand?

… it does not? I’ll check it.

… it’s fixed now. Sorry

Thank you, @gerhard.kiessling, for all your help, patience and feedback.

See you

“Double click to *.vlprj to load projects”, still not working on macos Big Sur cpu Intel.

Good Evening, after testing I was able to understand how the buttons work, you are right, they are working normally, each one in its own layer, now that everything is working I will assemble my setup for a live presentation. many thanks to the whole team God bless you. I look forward to the Manual which would help a lot.

Good afternoon, what is the forecast for the next update?