VST Live 1.1.50, VST Live Mods 1.1.50 and VST Viewer 1.0.50 Maintenance Updates available


We are pleased to announce the release of Maintenance Updates for

VST Live 1.1.50
VST Live Mods 1.1.50
VST Viewer 1.0.50

The VST Live and VST Viewer updates can be downloaded via the Steinberg Download Assistant.
The VST Live Mods update can be downloaded via the Apple App Store.

The complete Version History PDF files of VST Live 1.1.50 can be found here and of VST Viewer 1.0.50 here.

Enjoy making music,

Crash Dump.txt.zip (13.8 KB)
VL 1.1.50 crashed on me. I had two songs loaded and was clicking between the two on the setlist window when it crashed. Hope the dump file helps. -e

… does it always happen? With the same project?


Have to apologize - i screwed up and didn’t keep the project. I was hoping that the dump file would be sufficient. I’ll keep playing with it and save the project if it happens again.

… no problem, @ericwentz. Last question. Do you remember which kinds of tracks (midi, audio, chords, …) and events you have used?

All of my projects(so far) have 8 total tracks: 5 audio, a tempo track, a signature track and a lyrics (marker) track. -e