VST Live 1.1 Can't paste a copied stack into another parts empty stack

If I want to paste a copied stack into another part, I have to create first an empty stack then I can paste my copied stack an afterwards I have to delete the created empty stack. I would be better if it is possible to past the copied stack without creating an empty stack

That’s how I’ve been doing it. Add a new one paste and delete the empty one.

You don’t need to create an empty Stack in order to paste a copied Stack. Just menu Stacks/Paste Stack.
You may also want to check out the Save/Load Default xxx functions, which exists for Songs, Parts, Layers, and Stacks. For instance, if your favourite Stack always has an amp sim as the first slot, configure a Stack to your liking, and apply menu Stacks/Save Default Stack. Whenever you add a new Stack, it will use that as a template.
This is also useful if you don’t use Layers at all but only Stacks. The next versionm will allow you to omit the default Layer that is created with a new Part; so you may remove it, create a nice Stack for your guitar, and another one for vocals, and apply menu Parts/Save Default Part. Then whenever you add a new Part, it will use that Part as a template.

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