VST Live 1.1, VST Live Trial and VST Viewer available

And when will the midi data of a Layer be fired? Only on the start of the Part? What I miss is the time control of the midi cc data. I’ve several hardware effect pedals that have expression controls via midi cc. For example if I want to modulate every note on beat 3 of each bar in Part 1. How can I realize this with the layers?

Each Part can be assigned a trigger time (just move transport to desired position, then click into the Part “Trigger” field). During playback, when the trigger time for the Part is reached, all Layers fire whatever there is to fire.

That’s only possible by recording the pedals. If you want excessive modulation editing etc like this for playback, you are advised to perform those edits in Cubase, and export to VST Live.

How do you do that?
In the user manual of VST Live 1.1 you can read:
“Media Projects can be exchanged with data in/from Cubase and Nuendo Projects; they contain
the tracks of a song.”

As the exchange formats files of the types *.mediaprj and *.vlsprj are specified.
How can I import or export these formats in Cubase?

In Cubase File/VST LIve/Export
In VST Live File/Import Media Project.
You are given options to use the arranger track - if present - to divide into Songs or Parts.

Thx, @musicullum
Do I need to install a special module in Cubase to integrate the “VSTLive” into the file menu?

… that’s a bug. Sorry. The “VST Live” menu entry is only available if you are running Cubase in English language. We already fixed that and it will be available with the next update.


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So for me, I’ve come to the conclusion, that it’s much easier to use Cubase as my Live system. My main goal is to play some audio tracks/beats and to control my midi hardware on the timecode. I thought it would be nice to have a lyrics and metronome function with VST Live, but so far the midi editing isn’t useable for me. I have hundrets of midi commands for ten different devices for my live show. To use export / import function for every edit, is way to complicated.

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I’m sure there’s a simple answer but I’m damned if I can work it out:-
Installed VstViewer via the download manager. It doesn’t appear in the activation manager and if I add it as a module in VstLive Pro it says it’s not activated. Also tried a manual install from the download available on the website, same problem. So how do I activate it?
This is on a MacBook, Monterey 12.6

Hi @CliveJ,

you need a VST Viewer license in your Steinberg Activation Manager (SAM). Is it available? If not,
please visit the VST Live 1.1 website and watch out for the “GET VST VIEWER” button. Press that one and be sure to be logged in with your SteinberID account. The same which contains the VST Live Trial license. After you have visited the Viewer site, a license for the Viewer will be added to your SAM application.

Does it work?

That worked, thank you.

MacBook Air, i7, 16GB RAM, Monterey. Vst Live Pro

I have a project with 15 songs all of which use around 12 stems. As each one is played the memory usage increases. If I play all of the songs it’ll use over 4GB of RAM and the response degrades as the memory usage increases to the point of being unusable - 10 seconds to respond to a mouse click! At this point it affects the entire OS. If I close VstLive the system response comes back to normal.

I’m assuming that VstLive is loading the stems into memory when I hit play but not releasing the memory when I move onto the next song. Surely it would be better to stream the stems from disk rather than load into memory?

Also I still don’t understand how VstViewer works. Sure I can now add the module but how do I get it to load a PDF? When I click “e” the buttons you show in the manual don’t appear, and I can’t see another way of opening the viewer, I just have an empty drop down box to load or save presets.


That assumption is certainly wrong, of course it streams from disk.
However VST Live does hold everything that it can for rapid changes that are vital on stage. And that requires sufficient memory for projects which use large amounts of resources. Those are almost always plugins; tracks release their files when the Song becomes inactive. So check to see which plugins you use, and try to see if the situation improves when you use other to replace “suspicious” ones as a test.
For Layers, you may consider to use Shared with instruments if possible.
If all else fails you may send a project file for us to check, no audio/midi etc files needed, just the .vlprj file, thanks.

That’s the problem - no layers, no vst instruments, no plugins, just stems.

It didn’t do this in the last release…

I’ll rebuild it to see if it’s a file issue. Just tried to load the project again and it’s completely unresponsive.


I rebuilt a project with 3 songs in and just the stems. After closing VstLive and reopening it locked up. Memory usage at about 1GB but the CPU was at 103% (not sure how that is possible). Completely unresponsive.

Restarted the MacBook and the project would load and was responsive but the display was choppy- the playback cursor was not smooth. CPU again at 103%, memory at 989MB. After playing a couple of seconds of each song now unable to access the window green button to bring it out of full screen. View, exit full screen also not working. Then no menus working and locked up. Right click on task bar and quit app from there finally got to a windowed display after cancelling the force quit. At this point could actually play songs again but still choppy.

Restarted VstLive and was able to get it running again but playback cursor still choppy. One thing I noticed this time is that the memory usage increases every time I select a song. Not always by the same amount but it is cumulative and not released. CPU still at 102%

Closed VstLive and it thought I’d changed something, which I hadn’t, started the app again. High CPU, 600MB memory. Unresponsive

I wonder whether this has something to do with VstViewer - how do I uninstall it?

Project file attached

(upload://phWKdBHGk3fxOuSpxqSkLMaobgL.zip) (606.7 KB)

In this update something that worked to stop working. It affects me a lot to change version between show and show. We should be careful with this.
A guitar plugin like Native Instruments - Session Guitarist, receives the synchronization of the tempo of the part and the selected song. This is so, but as soon as you give it, it changes the tempo that sends to the plugin to 120bpm!. That is, it synchronizes well if the song is in stop but I cannot give it play or lose the syncro with the plugin or.


I cannot load this, sorry, not a valid address. Should it be a weTransfer?
You may send to m.spork(at)steinberg.de, or PM, thanks!

all my lyrics ar gone…

That’s weird: I uploaded through this site. No matter, I’ve emailed it to you