VST Live 1.3.16 - MTC Follows Cursor issues


first of all, thank you a lot for adding this feature. This is awesome!
Looking forward for looping parts :wink:

I have tested the cycle function using MTC Follow and found the following issues:

  • Sometimes the destination (Cubase Pro 12 in my case) doesn’t loop although the cycle started again, it runs further in Cubase
  • Sometimes the destination stops playing and starts again at the next cycle start

In the attached video I have cycled measure 3 and 4 in VST Live. Sometimes Cubase goes further than 4; sometimes it stops playing.

Would be great if you could fix that :slight_smile:

Not sure if we can.

Any form of timecode is not supposed to jump in time. The MTC (MIDI Time Code) writer detects discontinuity in the project position when the cycle jumps backwards, and internally stops, relocates, and continues to send MTC from up the new position. It does not know what the receiver does with that.

Do you have any reference system that works as you expect it to? Which DAW puts out MTC in a way that allows Cubase to follow a loop (cycle) operation in sync?


Do you have any reference system that works as you expect it to? Which DAW puts out MTC in a way that allows Cubase to follow a loop (cycle) operation in sync?

I am using the Arranger Track in one Cubase project which has parts that are sometimes looped. Via MTC it triggers another Cubase on another PC.

Of course, it is not 100% accurate. Sometimes doesn’t loop and loops the next time, but definitely not as often as when VST Live triggers the loop. So, mostly it works rather good with Cubase to Cubase.

See this screenshot with 3 looped arranger track parts:

Or is cycle different from a loop over the arranger track?

That comes to no surprise. Timecode is generally not supposed to jump at all, so this is just pure luck.
Sorry, but we can’t do more than send TC following the cursor. If jumps occur, that is propagated directly to the timecode and it is more or less random how the receiving system reacts to that.

Hi @Matze_Keys @musicullum

Furthermore when I started using LTC a few yrs ago for my concerts, an expert teached me to leave at least of 12 frames let the systems read LTC position. And in my experience 12frame was really a bare/safe minimum. So my experience prooves @musicullum : TC can handle jumping but needs read/understand first.

Hi @fkalmus @musicullum
even when I set the the lock frames in Cubase Project sync setup Sources to 22 frames

in the following example the loop only repeats 1x when the loop is set to 2 measures:

Or is it another setting?

Hi guys! I’m sorry for what I’m writing. First I have to let you know, last time I had to TC Cubase it was the time when we did it with Atari + Tape machine :smiley: :smiley: (lol, I’m sorry about, but true)

Second, I can’t exclude, it’s Cubases fault as it is working okay with Reaper, see:

But doesn’t with Cubase 12 pro

But have to admit, I’m just a current user of LTC for visual + lights but not for Cubase. @musicullum am I doing something wrong with Cubase?

Meanwhile @Matze_Keys : working or not or will or not. I would kindly suggest you to reduce your live system one DAW only (if it is possible) regardless of cycle is working via TC or not. (Also Cycle is not the root purpose of TC.)

Currently VST Live is still not usable for us as we are working on 2 computers and VST Live should sync Cubase Pro on the computer.

Maybe when it will be possible in future we’ll both use VST Live and one will be triggered by the other.

What I’m wondering is, why it is working when we are both using Cubase Pro. With the Arranger Track the parts are triggered and the cursor follows the loops/parts quite reliable with MTC.

With VST Live it is not so good with loops. Seems to me like the MTC is not sent sequently.

Hi! Did you read/crosschecked my post above? I’m using VSTL in daily basis booth with LTC/MTC. Experiencing no a slight issue at all.

Thank you for your response. Yes, I read your post, however we don‘t want to switch to Reaper.

As mentioned, it works when Cubase triggers another Cubase via MTC, so I’m wondering why this doesn’t happen with VST Live.

Sure! Absolutely not meant, I’m composing with Cubase also, but whispering what if to ask also at the Cubase product thread?
While this is interesting, what meight cause the difference :thinking:

I have created a thread for Cubase

I’m sure and wishing you the developers will find the reason and the fix :wink::smiling_face:

Jumping in timecode is not supported. MTC/LTC is intented as a realtime and continuous, uninterrupted stream. Looping etc requires preloading of data (like reading audio from a disc), which is impossible if a jump occurs in realtime in the middle of a continuous stream of time (like life, so to speak).

Hi @musicullum,

Actually cycle mode is not needed, BUT once it is possible to loop a Part, will it work better with MTC?
That was the reason why I have already tested MTC with the cycle function because I think this is essentially the same as a Part Loop.

Essentially, the MTC writer checks for jumps, but waits until a threshold (2 quarterframes) is exceeded before it re-locates to compensate for timing errors. While this may cause hiccups on the receiver side, it should re-sync shortly after the jump. Not sure what you mean by “doesn’t work”, as ever so often :slight_smile:

With the next version, if preference “MTC follows Cursor” is activated, it will locate immediately when a jump is detected. Pls check if that improves the situation then.

Sounds good, thank you :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I’ve never meant that it doesn’t work. Actually MTC works pretty good, only that it sometimes doesn’t follow with cycle :slight_smile:

@musicullum I have made some tests and I figured out that using Frame Rate 25 works more accurate than 30. Strange, but using 25 frames I mostly don’t get dropouts and the cycle loops rather fine. MTC drop outs on the destination DAW (Cubase) only after a while (after some continued loops).

Looks really fine with 25 frames.

That’s probably one of the 30 fps formats that aren’t actually 30, but 29. something. You may try to set the other side to another 29 or 30 fps type if applicable, unless that breaks its internal sync.