VST LIve 1.3.22 strange stack behavior

Started playing with VST Live 1.3.22 today and this behavior caught my attention: when I create a part, then a stack for my guitar and set it to record, create track;
then add another part and stack (not set to record) with a different plugin for the guitar.

Go to part 1 (which is set to record) and start playing, and then go to part 2, the stack in part one is still ON for as long as I keep playing, so both stacks are ON (even though part 2 is Active). If I stop playing for a couple of seconds, then the stack in part 1 stops being active and I can play the stack in part 2 normally and go back to the first stack if I select part 1 again.

Then, if I want to record the stack in part 2 and create a track for it, it doesn’t matter if I go from Part 1 to 2 or vice versa, as long as I keep playing, both stacks are ON until I stop playing for a couple seconds.

Is this normal behavior and I’m just missing something?

Will check!

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This was a mean one. The Input Channel of a Stack has a soft mute/fade in/out feature. And in addition, Stacks feature automatic disable when its input signal dies. So without a track, the input channel fades out, and that causes the channel signal to “die”, which then automatically deactivates the Stack.

However the track input is fed directly from a port, and has no channel to fade, so as long as there is a signal, it remains active.

Will be fixed with the next version, Stacks with track input will be shut off immediately when switching to a different Part.

Thanks for reporting!

Oh wow, so I did find one!
I’m loving the direction this is going, will play with it more and hopefully contribute to the development of VST Live.


I’m experiencing a similar issue in v. 1.4.0. Stacks are all set to record. The signal continues to come through on the initial stacks, even when later stacks are activated.

It all acts as expected, until a send to a reverb channel is set-up.

Has the issue been resolved yet?

Many thanks,


Hi! Have you tested with last fridays, most recent pre-release v1.4.7? They provided with a post here, listed in forum with a few words and download link :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give it a go, and will update on whether this resolves it.

It’s working as expected now in v1.4.7 - thank you for your help.

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