VST Live 1.4.11 Pre-Release VST Live


it’s Friday : A new Pre-Release 1.4.11 is online.

You can download it here . You also can find a Version History there. If you found new bugs or bugs which are not fixed, please create a new thread and title it with [1.4.11].

New Features are …

LYRICS : Added Undo/Redo/Select-All/Move actions
It’s now possible to use Actions/Shortcuts for the events of the LYRICS View. And select all, then move all events at once is possible, too.


Thank you very much for the new version.
Unfortunately the output channel of the beat keeps switching back to stereo out.
I’m using the current version 1.4.11 but I already had the problem with version 1.4.9

What am I doing:
I activate Beat and select the click track as the output channel.
As soon as I change the song, the output channel is set back to stereo out.

Greetings, Jörg.

Hi @z.301,

we’ll check!


… it’s fixed now and ready with the next Update. Thank you for reporting,