VST Live 1.4.2 Pre-Release VST Live

Hi Friday,

finally, a new Pre-Release 1.4.2 version is online.

You can download it here . You also can find a Version History there. If you found new bugs or bugs which are not fixed, please create a new thread and title it with [1.4.2].

New Features are …

Stack Insert Edit
Insert Edits of Racks are added as Actions

Auto-Scroll Control for DMX/MIDI Editors
Yes, Auto-Scroll controls for the editors.

Clip while recording DMX events
While DMX recordings the recording-clip was missing, here it is

See you,


The link for windows installer links to 1.4.1

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… wow, that was fast! Thank you, @Falfango, fixed now. Refresh the page and try again.


I installed 1.4.2 and tried to open my main project. It has 9 songs. After a preloading process of each song (the window shows that it do preloading each song) it stood a bit ant then quit without any message. Tried 5 times and all the same :frowning: Probably it’s happening because of old project (made by old versions)

Will install previous version 1.4.1

Hi @ArthurNeeman,

can you please check if a crash log was created? Please have a look here

Thank you,

No! Last crashdump by VST Live was created on version 1.3.10 on September 3.

But this project has NI plugins in Mixer, some Steinberg plugins. The same project w/o plugins (saved as separate backup) is opening correctly and can play.

My big project holds 9 songs. It worked perfectly with VST Live 1.3.x, then worked perfectly with VST Live 1.4.0, 1.4.1, but then I upgraded to 1.4.2 and now any version I reinstall behave the same as 1.4.2 - after the project is loaded, it does preload of each song and then quit without any message.
I reinstalled the same old versions and all they behave the same.

I renamed latest backup file to .vlprj and now it’s opened successfully in 1.4.2. So it seems that latest project file was broken. For 99% I’m sure I didn’t lose anything.

… is the damaged file still available? Can we have it?


So I finally got round to doing a show with VST Live this week…

First issue - Live Mods IOS app kept going offline, so I had no lyrics. Wi-Fi signal was good. So I’m going to have to use my other lyrics app. I can’t afford for that to happen, especially when I’m on introducing new songs to my set.

Issue two - Though my laptop is an i7 with 16GB of RAM and all songs were preloaded before I started the gig, there were frequent audio dropouts and glitch sounds as the parts were changing. I have a couple Waves plugins on my vocal stack & the only VST synths I’m using are Retrologue & Kontakt. I’m using Valhalla reverb, so very light processor load. I have a powerhouse of a studio PC and even that hangs as the parts change while I’m creating the songs. I’m not sure why VST Live should be struggling with such a simple setup, but I can’t use it for my shows. I need a smoother flow than it’s able to give me.

Back to the drawing board it is for me then.

Yes, of course, Michael. I will send both files (damaged and backup) to your e-mail. But without audio files, right? With them they will be some gigabytes :slight_smile:

… yes, thank you. The project file should be enough.

… both, iPhone and Laptop, were in the same Network?

Could you please give us your project file? Then we can analyse it? And which version are you using?


Yes, same Wi-Fi network. I gave up in the end and used my other lyrics app.

Did you try the “File/Preload (Parts)” functions?

Yes, it definitely pre-loaded all the parts. Took about 4 mins to open up. I’ve also ticked ‘always pre-load’ too. It was when the parts were changing that the dropouts occurred though.

You may want to narrow plugins as the culprit. VST Live consumes close to no time when switching Parts, and the “Preload” functions prime plugins. Did you also try “Preload Parts”?

Also pls elaborate: switching Parts while Song is playing/not playing, audio tracks playing, MIDI tracks playing, switching Songs (automatically) - or when exactly does it happen?