VST Live 2.0.14 Pre-Release online

Hi Friday,

finally! And a new Pre-Release is 2.0.14 online.

You can download it here . You also can find a Version History there. If you found new bugs or bugs which are not fixed, please create a new thread and title it with [2.0.14].

While ae are busy trying to get every bug solved, we will continue to add new features.

App : Multi Processing
Yes! It’s finally here.

App: Option Copy All Media Data for ‘Save Archive’
Another missing piece in puzzle. Here it is.

App: Menu Entry for ‘Select First Part’ and ‘Select Last Part’
Actions: ‘Select Last Part’ and ‘Select First Part’
A highly requested feature. Here we go

FlexLoop : Snap Control
Now it’s possible to control when the jump should happen.

Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 19.33.15



Wowwwww, flex loop at loop end is exactly what i needed!!! Thanks a lot!!!

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Yes. I’m not moving to version 2.0 yet for various reasons, but it’s a significant and promising development. Thanks!

sorry but I don´t understand what the snap control is for, I try the different options and nothing happens.

It’s for when you select the next part while you are in a loop, it sets the number of bar before the switch (or at the loop finish). You need to set a infinite flexloop or switch manually to next part before number of loops ends.

now I got it, thank you!

Excellent! It was worth it waiting two weeks :sweat_smile: These three new features are great improvements :+1:t3:

I’m so happy that I hardly dare to make another request: can we have an action to select between “off” and infinite looping for the currently playing part?

Have a good weekend, berry dear team.

…or any other Part whatsoever. You can jump to any other Part in the Song at any time.

That is in the making, but did not quite make for this version. Coming with next version. Of course, an action will be assigned to it, and we also added actions to Select First Part and Select Last Part.

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Hi @musicullum , while we are talking about actions, is it possible to add “next song and record” to actions and shortcuts, like we already have ne,t song and play ? Thanks!

Sure, coming next version.