VST Live 2.0.24 Pre-Release online


it’s Friday and a new Pre-Release is 2.0.24 online.

You can download it here . You also can find a Version History there. If you found new bugs or bugs which are not fixed, please create a new thread and title it with [2.0.24].

One new Feature was added

Actions : Tabs of Central View
It’s not possible to control the tabs of the central view.

And of course : we are busy fixing and improving VST Live.

Thank you for all your help,

Love Live but is there any way to get the ugly green background on the chords changed to Black. Thanks Erik Satie

What are you talking about? No green here?


Guess you mean the frames and text of the buttons? Changed that, hope you like it. But you said “change to black”, that wouldn’t make sense. anyway check it out with todays version to come.