VST Live 2 - now available


We are very happy to announce VST Live 2

With VST Live 2, Steinberg presents the perfect advanced stage production system. VST Live has seen several major feature updates since it was first launched, but with version 2 you witness the biggest step in the evolution of this remarkable software. VST Live Pro 2 introduces a new Loop System that gives you maximum flexibility for your live performance, the world’s first DMX plug-ins to create a memorable visual performance in no time, the most flexible automation system one can think of, new MIDI plug-ins, and Focus Control to make it, even with complex projects, easy on the eye.

More information on all new features, including videos:

And a video here

And the Version History can be found here

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oh, big improvements!



Will old projects created and saved in VstLive 1 be compatible?

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… compatible with VST Live 2? Of course.

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Is there a list of new features, improvements, fixes comparing to 1.4.64 (the latest beta version). I can’t find the list.
Okay, New features are described on Steinberg site, but where are improvements and fixes?

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Hi @ArthurNeeman,

Great you’ve found it.

There is no list. All improvements and fixes we did the last weeks for 1.4.x are also part of VST Live 2. And we won’t stop to continue this strategy for VST Live 2.

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Hello, I just bought this new version 2. There are some video visualisation problems that do not exist in 1.4.64 pre release with the same project. I hope this bug will be solved soon

Hi @Marc-Ambrosia,

I am sorry. Can you please create a new thread with a title “[2.0.0] Video Problem” and describe your problem. Every hint will be useful. Is it with all video files? Or only with a specific one? Maybe you can give me access to the file? Just write me a PM".
And of course, we’ll get it fixed.

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Hi, Is there a trial version available, soon?

A trial version is in the making. We expect the trial next month.


Plugin automation?

Very exciting upgrade! There are several features I look forward to utilizing. Please tell me we will be seeing sidechain for MIDI in this version. My vocoder VST is getting very lonely living on an island outside VST Live! Cheers.

… yes. Let’s say we have a Chorus Plug inserted to Slot_1 of a SONG Channel.

Now add an Automation Track …

… and select the Plug-In as a Source.

There is also an editor available.

and if you like you can select a different destination

in that case the Parameter-Events of the Input “Chorus” are controlling the Parameter Mix of MonoDelay

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… it did not make it to 2.0.0, sorry. But it will be ready in the next weeks. It’s already done, but not ready for prime-time. Can you please name me your VST? Then I can test it and make sure it is working.


I am glad to hear it’s in the works. I use Arturia Vocoder V.

I’ve read the PDF user manual for version 2 and I’ve noticed you still haven’t added the ability to rename and colour the individual DMX channels yet. Programming lighting will still take much longer until we have these options added. When can we expect these changes please? Also, can you add quantization value 32 to the DMX editor please? It’ll really help for programming strobe effects. Thanks

But I don’s see how to precisely automate some parameteres
For example, Snapshots in Octavox. I need to engage Snapshot 1, then 12, then 3, etc. But I can’t control these parameters by steps in an editor (like it’s working in Cubase)