VST Live 2 - now available

This is where Virtual Midi cables are useful.

Set the track Midi output and the plugin Midi input to the same Virtual Midi cable.

Oh, yes. That worked fine. Thank you Jihem!
Now I only need the Midi Guitar plugin’s midi out to ve available as track or instrument midi in.
I think they are working on it.

I am setting up layers with a Program Change setup. Basicly, I have a Global layer, using a virtual Midi channel as input, and sending Midi to a specific VST (Pianoteq in this case). I also have songs with parts that send midi from a specific device (Midi Keyboard) to the virtual midi channel.

The manual states that a Midi Program Change (PC) event will be generated when a layer becomes active. On my Song/Part/Layer, I specify a Program Change number (eg. 5).

On my receiving layer (Global layer/Pianoteq), I setup Pianoteq to change presets via midi Program Changes. The problem is Pianoteq is not changing the presets.

Pianoteq has a Midi Monitor that is built into it. I see from the Midi Monitor that when the song/part/layer becomes activated, a Bank Message is coming into the Global layer/Pianoteq, but there is no Program Change event coming into Pianoteq. I have tried different values for MSB/LSB as well as the PC, but only the Bank Message seems to be generated from song/part/layer.

Has anyone else tried sending bank-change/program-change messages from a layer transmitting to a VirtualMidi layer?

Using V 2.11:

  • new project
  • add global layer with Halion Sonic
  • set Halion Sonic to GM Mode
  • set Global Layer Input to Virtual Midi 3
  • Part 1, add Layer (if not present already), set out ot Virtual Midi 3
  • Select Program Change 18, which sets Global Layer Halion Sonic to “Percussive Organ”
  • add Part 2, set Layer output to Virtual Midi 3
  • select Program Change 43, Global Part HS changes to “Cello”
  • select Part 1 again, HS changes back to “Percussive Organ”
  • select Part 2…

What are you missing?

Thanks for your response, Musicullum.

Actually, the only difference that I see from what you are doing, and what I am doing (besides using different VSTi) is that you are using a VST (Halion) in GM Mode (but that shouldn’t matter).

I will experiment with other VST (hopefully I have another with a Midi monitor) - but I have not had a VSTi on a Global Layer that has received a program change from a layer on a part.

Sorry, I don’t see what you are seeing.
Am I missing a setting that filters incoming midi on global layers somewhere?

Following my procedure, open Midi Monitor and set it to “Virtual Midi 3”. Does it show the Program Change?
Try Halion Sonic nevertheless, it is provided with VST Live to see if it works. If it does, you can be sure that the problem is on the Global Layer instrument side. Also maybe check Controller Map on the transmitting Layer.

Thanks again for the comments, Musicullum.

Yeah, the Midi Monitor in Pianoteq doesn’t quite align with the Midi Monitor inside VSTLive on the Virtual Midi Channel. I suspect issues with Pianoteq interpreting incoming PC (and possibly BC) Midi messages too.

Fortunately, Pianoteq has a clever way of assigning other midi events to load it’s presets. I was able to assign Pianoteq presets to BC LSB (CC32) values, and change those on my VSTLive parts.

Don’t know if this helps but some VST3 plugins don’t respond to midi program changes.
I’ve been banging my head against this for weeks and the only solution is to use VST2.
From my tests so far Halion Sonic, Omnisphere and Korg Wavestation do.
Strangely most other Korg VST3 plugins do not. Padshop and Retrologue don’t seem to either.

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Some plugins require specific settings for to accept Program Changes. For instance for Halion (Sonic), you need to enable GM Mode in Options.

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