VST Live and *.dll VSTs


VST Live loads VST3s and …x64.dlls as VST Instruments, but I can’t see other VSTs named **.dll even they are stored in the same directory. Are these kind of VSTs not supported?

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Those might be VST 2 plugins, you will have to add that directory to VST 2 plugins pathes in preferences.

Hi Musicullum,
I did. I have a dedicated folder which is full of good ol’ VSTs but none of them shows up. In the end the devs of VST Live should know whether it is a feature of their program to use VST 2s *.dll files or not…

Did you set a VST2 path? Edit/Preferences/plug-ins/VST2 Paths.
Sorry, I missed you said “I did”.
I assume your good ol’ plugs are all 32 bit, VST Live does not support 32 bit plugins, sorry.
If you still think that it’s wrong pls. name just one plugin that we should be able to test.