vst live automation

Hello. Are there any plans to add a plugin and automate tracking in the future? I really need this feature


… yes, it’s on our roadmap,


I can’t stress enough how much I need to be able to automate in VST Live. One of the reasons I need it, there may be another work around for: Need to have vocals go dry (no reverb/delay/etc. at the end and beginning of songs) so that the vocalist can interact with the audience without all of that stuff on their voice.

While automation is still in the making, you can create an action for the Send of the vocal channel to the reverb.

Open “Devices/Actions and Shortcuts/Channel”.
Then press “+” to create an action, select your “Send x”. Set MIDI port to any of the available virtual MIDI ports, i.e. “Virtual MIDI 3 In”. Select an arbitrary controller message, say “Breath”.

Create a MIDI track (this is your “automation” track) and set its output to “Virtual Midi 3 Out”. This creates a connection to the actions. You can now add “Breath” controller messages in the track to control any of the programmed actions (like channel send) that listen to the “virtual MIDI cable” at any desired time.

Make sure not to have “File/Preferences/MIDI” set to “Chase Events on Start” if you have programmed your send messages at the top of a Song and want them to kick in when the Song becomes selected.