VST Live: Changing output of video

I am setting up a project for an upcoming live performance and I am having trouble outputting the video tracks to a seperate output (like another monitor or projector) instead of the Video Monitor on my laptop.

Anyone know how I can add another monitor as an output?

Hi! You need to make the right settings at three places:

  • Devices / Connections
  • Devices / Video Views
  • Video Track output (to an output managed in settings above)

So the thing is, the HDMI output is not appearing as an output in Devices / Connections. Only video1 … video6. This is the problem I am facing. I have made sure that the cable is working.

No such as HDMI will be seen. Most probably “Screen 2” (laptop monitor will be the “Screen 1”)

Look again under Devices / Video Views

These are the only outputs that appear.

Here’s an image of Devices / Video Views

Set View” Video:Video 1” to “Screen 2” (from Screen 1)
(Probably no other video output is needed for now)

Saved my life man. Thank you.

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