VST Live Crash after quitting on Mac

Hi Everyone,

When I quit VST Live, it shuts down as normal. However, it is quickly followed by a “vstlive has quit unexpectedly” dialog.

It seems to run fine while open, but I’m a little concerned about it crashing during some upcoming performances next month.
Any ideas?
I am on a MacBook Pro M1 and its happening on version and the new

I can copy and paste the crash report if that helps…


After further investigation, it seems to only crash with a certain project. If I start a new project and quit, no crash report.
Maybe a certain plug-in or video file is the cause…

I’ve attached the latest (very long) crash report.
VST Live Crash Report.pdf (675.6 KB)

Sorry, one more.

I have now found that it only crashes if I choose “Preload Parts” from the file menu, or have it checked to always Preload.
It’s a pretty large Project with about 19 songs, 4 or 5 audio tracks, a video track and 2-4 vst plugins per song. Maybe a RAM problem?

… we’ll check, thank you,

Thank You!

Hi @glenj11,

we have fixed the problem. Please re-try with the next version and let us know if VST Live can be closed without any problems.

Thank you,


Also, thanks to the Steinberg team for creating VST Live (and for the amazing support).

Just installed the latest version.
The problem seems to be fixed - no crashes!

Thanks again for the great support.