VST Live + Daslight 4

Hi everybody,

is there anyone trying to marry VST-Live and Daslight as well?

I’m doing it through midi triggering - and it works.
Maybe someone can benefit from my experiences, or someone has any good advice for me. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

How I’m doing it: (short version)

  1. Install LoopMidi and create a midi port
  2. VL: Create a midi output in VST-Live and select the LoopMidi port
  3. VL: Create a midi track in VL and assign the midi output
  4. Daslight: select the LoopMidi port as Midi input
  5. Daslight: select scene, right click, hotkey->midi mapping
  6. VL: open midi track, play desired note
  7. VL Draw in midinote, set velocity to 127 → works
    it’s fun, but it all feels a bit unstable.

Unfortunately, Daslight often crashes during setup and playback. VL is now very stable (1.1.84) - Thanks to the team and the community for the great development.
I have not yet tested the control of faders from VL to DL, because it seems too complicated and confusing to me.

Why I don’t use the DMX in VL:
For me, just working with DMX faders is not an option, since I use some LED bars. In Daslight there are great matrix effects, which you can work very creatively with.
I understand that would be beyond the scope of VL.

It would be great if any of the possibilities were viable:
A) Effectgenerator in VL (similar to DL, but requieres fixtures)
B) stable and comfortable software interface for direct triggering VL->DL
C) Importing scenes from DL into VL

Is there anyone doing something similar, or has an even better idea to “spice up” their light show?



One thing we can say is that we work on enhanced DMX features.

What is not working as expected, what happens (or doesn’t), which version are you using, and will this also happen when you send MIDI to other devices?

Sorry for the late reply - I’ve been busy the past few weeks.

Basically, the triggering from VST-Live to Daslight works - except for Daslight crashes. For example, DL doesn’t crash when I trigger the scenes in Daslight via midipiano. If the same commands come from VST-Live, Daslight crashes randomly.

Since I could imagine that the LoopMidi interface is causing the problems, I will try the setup with two notebooks next week. One notebook for VL, one notebook for Daslight. Connection via two midi interfaces. I hope this makes it more stable.

My version for testing was 1.1.85.

I also send midi from VL to a guitar pedalboard (TC Electronic Gsystem). This works without any problems.
But the difference is that I send several midi notes at the same time to Daslight and only program change commands to the Gsystem

I’d be really happy about that - then I would run DMX completely via VL and I’m gonna SMASH Daslight into hell :wink:

Can you roughly describe what is planned for DMX and when the first updates will be available?
I’m only asking because I’m preparing a tour for later this year.
Maybe then I won’t need Daslight anymore.

Thank you for your support @musicullum


… and? Any news for us?

… at the moment we cannot say more than musicullum said. We are busy working on the DMX topic and enhanced DMX features. But maybe you can help us if you could describe what’s missing for your workflow?

See you,

Sorry for my late response…
So I tested Daslight and VST-Live on seperated notebooks and it works much better. Yes, it’s complex to setup and yes, there are crashes while routing the midi notes to Daslight, but when I just “play” my show, it’s fine!

I am missing helpful tools to create the light show creatively. E.g. you have LED Bars, it’s difficult to create gradients/rainbows/etc with just faders. Maybe take a look at daslight’s effect-generator. This requires a possibility to save/load dmx fixtures etc.
I think VST Live is a software for musicians, users, that don’t want to become a professional lighting engineer. So we need something “visual” to create a light show. Daslight does this very well.
So really helpful would be

  • a patching system were you can create/save/load dmx devices/lamps
  • a visual arrangement of the devices/lamps
  • symbols for the faders (pan/tilt/dim/…)
  • creating light scenes for each device or group, that can be activated from the dmx track

Long story short: DMX with just faders feels and looks like programming. Please give us a toy to play with …this will make a light show much more interesting and it’s much more fun to work with.


Do you have crashlogs? We don’t accept crashes at all.
As for DMX tools, we are working on some interesting stuff…

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Hi! Following this thread…

sorry, i should mention which software crashes: daslight sometimes crashes when mapping midi. VST Live is ok - last crash has been a while… :partying_face:

Ok now I’m hyped… :star_struck:
If you need someone to test for a first feedback…here I am! :wink:

Thank you @musicullum.

Cheers! Patrick

Looking forward to as i’ve purchased for stage floor set :

  • a bűn h of DMX - LED tubes (132ch / each in pixel mode)
  • DMX 1ch lights
  • 2x universe ArtNet node (for 1024 channels)

While VSTLive seems to broadcast exclusively to uni#0 yet, a complex fixture controlling with current programming/editing capabilities meight keep people waiting to include DMX showrun in VSTLive.

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… we found the cause of the problem and we will fix it. But it won’t be done for today,

Thank you for your kind feedback, no problem for now :slight_smile: I planned to use it from in october… By hoping there will be added some DMX improvements too :slight_smile: