VST Live does not start


When I plug my X32 USB cable on the computer, VST Live no longer starts.


If the X32 is not connected, the console starts normaly.

Will check that later, can get hold of a x32 rack.
Did you install x32 software?

… please check if a crash log was written. Check the following folder
Windows : C:\Users\Your_Username\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps
Do you see files for VL? Can you zip them and share it with us?


Yes it worked With previous version but now, there is this issue. I tried to uninstall and install again vst live but same result

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… and have you checked? Any crash files (*.dmp) available?


Hi Michael,
There is no crash.
If I start VST live without X32 USB connected, it starts with ASIO4ALL driver, then I can plug the X32 and connect the X32 driver to VST Live.
So it is just at starting of the soft.

1- I start the PC.
2- I plug the X32 Rack USB (there is X32 icon on the task bar)
3- I start VST Live => It does not start (there are 2 icons: X32 + Asio)

Same behavior if I close the X32 driver (so no X32 icon in the task bar)