VST Live, Hidden Feature : "Virtual Audio"


somehow the mention of virtual audio cables got lost. Here we go. Some versions ago VST Live introduced “Virtual MIDI”. A feature to stream MIDI events from one MIDI Output to another MIDI Input.

So, you could create a MIDI track, create a clip with some modulation events, choose “Virtual MIDI: VM Out 2” as an Output Port …

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 00.00.26

… to send the events to a Stack with a WahWah Plug-In.

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 00.06.04

And now : VST Live has “Virtual Audio” cables. What’s possible with it?

One workflow could be to record your Stack performance. Just do this : Create an OUT Channel in the Mixer, rename it to “Virtual Audio” and select a “Virtual Output” Port.

Go back to your Stack and select the “Virtual Audio” channel :

Now select TRACKS, add an Audio Track and select the “Virtual Audio Input”, in this case 3+4.

Enable the “Rec” control and start to record your performance.

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There’s much more you can do with VA cables…
Unfortunatly we cannot recommend to use this version yet, a problem crawled in that causes crashes with MIDI playback. We will try to present a new version asap, sorry.


we´ll be glad to hear those other uses for VA cables when it is stable, thanks.

Sending to a Group channel you can mix sources for a Track, Stack, global Stack or Module. You can also create chains and record any such mix.
Beware of feedback loops though, those cannot be detected beforehand.

Afaik it is already active in prior versions.