VST Live is not starting with Multitracker App


In the band we use the iPad App Multitracker from Sebastian Sygulla

This app is all what we need for playing audio backing tracks and it is easy to handle it. Big Buttons for start and stop songs and easy to create setlist.

Since VST Live release we want to extend our setup with DMX, Lyrics and Vocal effects, but the drummer (starts every song with multitracker) doesn’t want to handle a laptop with VSTL.

The main problem is I cannot learn VST Live to start, if we press the Play-Button from Multitracker.

The MIDI Monitor in VST Live shows an SysEX-Data input after pressing the play or stop button from Multitracker, but VSTL is not able to learn this.

In the menu Shortcuts/Transport I select the row for start and selected the Midi input to Steinberg interface and press LEARN. But it doesn’t work.

The other way is working. Start VST Live and Multitracker starts. But I need the opposite.

Does someone know how to solve this??

Thank you


… I am sorry, @StevePr. But Actions do not support SysEx data. We can understand your workflow and we have added your request to our list.


Thanks Michael for this information.
I thought I’m going mad.
Looking forward to coming up versions. Great job!!!

Sysex for actions coming with the next version.

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You can use Pure Data and loopMidi to process Midi informations outside VST Live. That’s what I programmed for the opposite aim that is sending Control Changes on VL start/stop. I also wrote a .bat file to have this starting with Windows.