VST Live Mods - Android?

Live Mods requires iOS 10.2, so you can buy old iphone and ipad. I was in the same boat , and I bought a couple of old iphone 6 and one old ipad, they work great.

I don’t understand what you mean for the lyrics/chords, but on every WiFi I tried they work, with hotspot smartphone too

Hi Valerio, I was referring to the ability of the computer running VST Live Pro to host a local web page. That way you wouldn’t have to connect using an app. Instead, you could just open a browser and display the Lyrics on any device.

I see, good idea, I never tried, but I’m sure that I used my Vst Live in Streaming via discord, meet, whatsapp, jamkazam etc. etc. simply sharing my screen. Maybe it could be a solution sharing the screen in local.

I use also “Spacedesk”, to use android tablet as a wifi screen, and galaxy tab 8 can be automatically used as a second Windows screen.

I just tried the second screen option for my Tab S9 FE+ and it works. Thank you for the tip, this is a great option. I now have a portable second screen, this is great!