VST Live Mods Display Problem

We have now bought two iPads for (too much) money so that our singer and our guitarist can use the VSTLive lyric display via Live Mods. But that doesn’t work.

Here it works:

Then aswe start the app on iPad two:

Note: Both iPads are in our private WiFi and also use an app to control the individual musician’s in-ear mix on our mixer. This works perfectly.

What happens:

  • When you start the LiveMods app, no lyrics are displayed, although they are displayed in a separate window on the laptop.

  • Only after rehearsing a few songs with VSTLive do lyrics appear at some point. We couldn’t figure out what the trigger was. Possibly the automatic switch to the next song at the end of the song that we set in VL.

  • After the lyrics appeared on iPad 1, we also started the app on iPad 2. The lyrics then disappeared again on iPad 1 and only the time cursor (animated) was displayed on both iPads, but no more lyrics.

So, we couldn’t use the feature with multiple iPads.
What are we doing wrong here? I assumed that as soon as the lyrics are displayed on the laptop (Windows), any number of tablets can be used.

Hm. Seems that a lot of people are reading this thread but nobody knows an answer? Comon Guys, a lot of you are using the Live Mods App. What can I do to make it work? I have a stable Wireless LAN Working and brand new installations of the App. I sounds simple but it still wont work for me.

I would appreciate any help!

Well hopefully I can help a little. I too find that some routers/APs might give you problems if they are not setup properly. I’ve seen VSTLive Mods, going online/offline periodically, loosing track of lyrics, time jumping on different routers. And working 100% on others.

Our stage setup consists of a dedicated stage pc (windows) which does not require internet for any plugins or what not. Windows has a built in function to make itself a mobile hotspot via Wi-Fi (regardless of if the pc itself is actually connected to internet or not). We use that functionality to connect the ipads. I think you can connect up to 8 devices to windows this way. This essentially makes the pc a router/ap as well.

This eliminates all the “in-between” router problems. And if for some reason I really need internet on the stage computer, I just connect my phone via USB cable and do USB tethering. This has worked very well for us.

I believe macs has a similar hotspot function if you are on one, but don’t quote me on that.

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I use a tplink access point that only connects my Mac to a single iPad. I do get the jumping, it looks like it goes to the top of the lyric and then back again, but it’s so fast I just ignore it.

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I have the same problem and it is NOT related to the iPad going offline:
“ONLINE” message at the top does not change and scrolling does not jump.

Lyrics-text just disappears from first iPad as soon a second iPad joins LYRICS. Still ONLINE and still scrolling!

We use a cheap (more or less - No Name) WLAN-Router to build our own WLAN (without any Internet use) now our Workarround is like this:

  1. We also connect the iPads to our XAir app that we use to modify our own individual inEar-Mix. We think that this makes the WLAN-connection more stable.
  2. Then we start the LiveMods app
  3. In VSTLive we select the first song of the setliste and open the lyrics Window as a separate window - No lyrics are shown now on both tablets.
    Then we select song Nr. 2 in the setliste (lyrics are shown now correctly)
    We select song Nr. 1 - lyrics are shown correct and then we start playing the setlist. Everything works fine now.
    We use the “Go to next Song” setting at the end of all songs to automatically move on to the next song and then it also works with the lyrics.

The manually change from one song to the next song triggers the display of the lyrics on the iPads. Maybe the workaround helps you to make it work also.
We will make further testing during the next rehearsals.