VST Live on Windows and MAC


I want to use VST Live on Windows and MAC Computer. If I create a project on a Windows PC (consisting of various songs that control VST Instruments) and then want to open it on an Apple notebook with an M1 processor, will that work? The associated plugins are of course installed on both devices.

Thank you for your feedback on this!

Yes :wink:

Thanks. I’m not familiar with Mac notebooks and their operating systems :slight_smile: I thought it would be more complicated to swich between two operating systems.

It is…. But not because of VSLive :sweat_smile:
One thing: always use: Save Archive… when transfering your project between machines because media pool management is not jet present to re-allocate media files to your project. So, Save Archive…. Copy/move… open, enjoy

For sure, if you would like to stay on the safe side, meight be better stucking with the same OS (OSX or Win). In my experience Mac handles multimedia related things better, but I don’t want to make a flame about, I’m using also booth OS in my everidays (and love osx better for multimedia, but that is my preference)