Vst Live Pro showing as intel app on M1 Mac mini

Purchased and installed Vst Live Pro on my M1 Mac mini but when I go to get info about Vst Live app it shows intel not universal and there is no checkbox for Rosetta.
Deleted and reinstalled Vst Live but the problem is still there.
With Cubase 12 Pro and latest Wavelab there is a dedicated Rosetta checkbox that I can untick, not so with Vst Live Pro…
Any suggestions?

… Apple Silicon support is coming very soon.

See you,

Why is Steinberg advertising Live as Apple Silicone native if it clearly isn’t:

That looks to me like false advertising. Is there any compensation for misleading customers that have purchased Live because Steinberg advertising it as being AS native?

… it will come soon. Again : We are very sorry.


New version available, but where is Apple Silicone compatibility?!
It is still intel only app. What a joke, but not funny anymore…
Please remove “Apple Silicone Native App” from your product page asap.
This is just blatant false advertising!

… it has been removed from the specs. And we did not promised that we’ll add Apple Silicon support to the 1.0.10 update.

See you,

You didn’t promised that but, you have promised that it’s coming “very soon”…
Can you elaborate on “very soon” please. Is it next week, month, year?
What does “very soon” mean in Steinberg language?

1.0.20 !

Still No date promised, but thank you nevertheless .

… I can not say a date. There are so many dependencies to an update release. But you see : one week after the 1.0.0 release we have released 1.0.10. We will do our very best.


Thank you, hopefully it will be “very soon” indeed :wink:

Thank you very, very much for the latest 1.0.20 VST Live release.
It is now Apple M processor happy :slight_smile:
…and so am I :slight_smile:
Thanks again

… excellent!