VST Live Tutorial

Hello everybody,

Today we have released the first VST Live tutorial. The video covers the topics “Setlist”, “Layers”, “Zones” and “Tracks”.

Link to video: Walkthrough VST Live from Setlist over Layers to Tracks | VST Live Tutorial - YouTube

More to come!


great, thanks!

Great job on the video Steinberg, thanks! The workflow is so much clearer to me now. Looking forward to seeing more tutorials in the coming weeks/months!

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Thank you for the first video. I hope there will be more soon. If I may leave a wish: Explain the stacks when using vocal effects (delay, reverb). That would help me a lot.

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Stacks are closed submixers, they expose just one channel (mix of channel plus 2 Fx channels). Stacks can be different for each Part.
Select your mic as Input (top right), choose some insert effects as you would do with any vocal channel, such as eq and compressors etc. Select one or two Fx (reverb, delay etc) in the fx channels and your’re done.

Hi, I’m the voice from the tutorial videos. I’ll include your request in the new tutorial video I’m working on for VST Live’s mixer. We’ll build the attached setup.


Glad you enjoyed. A new one should drop any day now…


i really wouldn’t call this a tutorial, but rather a (very) quick overview at a glance.
much of the workflow and “what things even are/do” is still a mystery to me… :frowning: that’s a shame, there is NO (real) documentation of this program, is that right? do we have to figure everything out by ourselves?


… an “Operation Manual (188 pages)” is online here

What do you want to know. Let’s light it up.

See you,

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Please, a manual in Spanish and you will avoid many questions, you do a great job answering and helping the users in everything.

This is not a ‘tutorial’, at best, its a high-level overview, at worst, it’s an advert.

There are new videos.

VST live is very intriguing because I have several customers who perform on their own or with few musicians with backing tracks. This program is just what they need to upgrade their show. I do have a question about the DMX part. There’s not much documentation on how it works or how to use it. It would be nice if there was some more elaborate explanations about on how to use DMX tracks and the connections from VST live to DMX controlled lights.


Add a DMX track, double-click in the tracks area to create a DMX event, then double-click that to open the DMX Editor. You can also program events numerically in “Edit/DMX List Editor” for the selected track event.
In the track Inspector you can set the device and Universe where to send DMX events.
What DMX events do is entirely up to what is connected to the DMX Interface, you will need to refer to the fixature documentation to figure out what it does when it receives which channel, and value.


Nice, thank you for the explanation. I’ll start playing around with it to get the feel of the program. I’m really impressed about the ease of use and the versatility of VST Live.

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Thank for this Software. At this time I am looking for a Live-Application. I tried Ableton Live and worked very fine for me.

I´d like to use VST-Live because of it´s seamless export/ import function with Cubase and it´s Workaround so I am trying VST Live. But even I watched this Turorial-Series several times, I just can´t get even one Sound out of VST-Live. Meanwhile I made 3 Live-Session-Recordings in Ableton Live and had much of fun.

My first question is:
Is it even possible to work without Halion, Padshop and Retrologue? They seem very prominent and fixed in this app.

How can I simply play just one Instrument from the Song (exported from Cubase as Media-Project)? I have some NI-Product Instances there.

Thank you
Hopefully it will work for me

What do you want to acheive? Open VST Live, make sure devices and MIDI/Audio ports are set up in the Hub. New Project, play - no sound? Check Layers and make sure Layer has a MIDI input assigned (your keyboard) so that the LED lits when you play. have an Instrument selected and make sure the instrument has a sound assigned. Now Meters in the Mixer should move and you shouild hear something. Unless you changed things it should work out of the box.

Not fixed at all, those are “just” delivered with VST Live and ready for you to use, but any VST 3 and even most VST 2 plugins are supported, and of course AU. Click on the Instrument item in a Layer, you should see all of your installed instrument plugins, no?

You may have to select the Tracks tab, select the track that doesn’t play, and extend the Inspector. There, make sure your plugin is selected. Note That VST Live does not automatically assign those from the VST Rack, only from Instrument Tracks.
It also really depends on what you want to acheive. If you want to play back stuff you recorded in Cubase, ex/import is the right start but it looks to me as if you just want to play. Use Layers, they are easy to program.

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