VST (Massive) Osc Pitch Automation

I am fairly new to Cubase but I have been producing for 3 Years with Reason.
I would like to know if there is a comfortable way of automating the pitch of an osc in Massive. The only way I found is to write a regular automation lane which has values from 0 - 1. The osc pitch though has a range from -64 to +64. It is very annoying to calculate the needed value (lets say +3 or +4) on a scale from 0-1 so I would like to set the automation range from -64 to +64.
Is this possible? And if, how?

edit:// excuse me, the automation range is from 0 to 100 not 0 to 1

Greetings; I’m not at my studio at the moment, so i’ve got to do this by memory – rather than automate pitch changes directly, set up a Macro (ie one of those 8 modulation knobs) to control pitch changes for individual oscillators.

Using a Macro in this way, you can easily set up pitch changes to a precise amount. For example, if you’ve got a one oscillator patch that you want to drop two octaves, set up the Macro to alter the oscillator pitch by -24 semitones.

Then, in Cubase, set up a Massive automation curve which lowers the Macro right down to the bottom of the lane, and that will achieve a two octave drop. If you send the automation curve 50% of the way down to the bottom of the lane, you’ll get a one octave downward pitch drop. This is a very quick and flexible way to do such automations – it would be easier to explain this if i were looking at Massive inside Cubase; hope you’re following this ok.


I understand what you mean :slight_smile:
The problem here is that I want to have to full scale (0 - 12 or let’s say 2-10) therefore I would need 8 Macros which is also the maximum for massive and additionally I couldn’t use the macros for other things (filter manipulation & wavetable position)

Okay I found a workaround. I am using one Macro which has a range from 0-10 (the elenth step…not sure how you say it in english…is harmonically not that important).
But if there is another way, please let me know :slight_smile: