VST MIDI output

I believe this was requested a few times in the past, just curious if there are any news on the availability of this feature?

There are some really great, complex VST sequencers (such as Stepic and Scaler) as well as various midi plugins we can’t use as there is no option to route their midi output to another VST or layer.

Some other similar software have this routing capability, but I would like to completely transit to VST Live as the main performance application - if I knew it’s in the works. Thanks!

Hi @R_E_D,

it’s already in development. We “just” need to find the point when we’ll add it to the public version. I am sorry that I cannot tell a specific date.

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Hi, have a tip. I had to use a virtual midi port to do some routing between different applications and hardware, and that is actually working really well. Maybe you as a workaround could use that in a way of sending it out and then back into VST live? What I use is called “LoopBee30”.

Thank you for the suggestion - unfortunately, I don’t believe this would work since there is no way to output from the VST at all (internally or externally).

The only alternative would be to run the plugin in a separate VST host that supports midi output, but then you can’t save the song as a project, and it would be quite difficult to manage if you have several instances or channels. At that point it would be easier to just use that host instead of VST Live, which I think is actually meant for this type of device routings capabilities.

Hi @danmrf and @R_E_D,

… that’s right.

Please, wait a bit more. We are doing our best to add all requests step by step,

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Sounds great Michael, eagerly looking forward to it! This will open so many possibilities.

I am quite looking forward to this as well. I tend to use VST Live as sort of a ‘scratch pad’ at home as well as for live work, and being able to route midi out to other plug-ins would be brilliant.