VST Midi plugin wrapper - to use VST midi plugins as Cubase midi inserts

There is a range of strict VST midi plugins out there - Piz Midi plugins to mention one set of a couple of dozen useful stuff for midi.

But these has to be routed like one synth to another, and does not list among midi inserts in Cubase.

If Steinberg made a VST MA(I think midi insert format for Cubase) plugin listed among midi plugins available - that take normal VST with midi in and out - what a boost. This would make manipulating midi a treat in comparison to now.

And you can also add your arpeggiators to normal midi insert part in Cubase.

As most of Piz plugin are gui-less - this wrapper need to support gui-less plugins, as most hosts for plugins do.


Here’s another interesting new midi VST plugin:



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+100, bump!


Since years I wondered myself that there is no possibility to insert 3rd party midi plugins in the midi channel.
It requires requires some kind of routing to use them. That works but is not smart.

and we need a “new” autolfo … more like the cableguys midishaper, way more option (besides even havin more shapes than autolfo)

Yes, +1000.
Reaktor just updated to allow it to be an AU Midi effect in Logic and I’m super jealous!
VST should have the same!

Just bumping this again. I so dream an enhanced VST spec to include MIDI FX plugins.




+1 PLEASE!!!




I’ve just bumped into this problem. Why can’t I use a VST MIDI insert as a MIDI insert?!

I wanted to record educational content showing midi key presses, found useful midi visualizing plugins, but couldn’t use it.


This is very useful.

I think using the chord pad patterns one can achieve the patterns ones in Kameleono. Please correct me if I am wrong!

Definitely would like this functionality