VST MultiPanner - Ambisonics - Tilt Y, X Depth and Height - Locked

Hi there

I’m trying to set up spatial sound and all seems fine but I’d like to get Tilt Y or Tilt X to raise the height of the sound but it doesn’t seem to allow me to do this - Tilt Y, Tilt X, Depth and Height are all locked.

I have another project in nuendo that’s also 2nd order ambisonics that I have this working in and as best as I can, I can’t figure out why in this new project, my Tilt X and Y don’t seem to adjustable.

Any assistance would be great and thanks in advance

Mono objects? The settings you mentioned are not available for a mono track. (You need stereo or above.)

Hi Mas

Thanks for the reply,
That seemed to be it.