I’ d appreciate any help with perhaps not a big issue I’ m having with my VST.
If I load using -F11- VST plugin Battery 3, my main cubase windows freezes and I am able
to do edits either in Battery 3, or in Cubase, not at once.
I am using more VST plugins, such as Amplitube or T-Racks from IK Multimedia, but is does not happen
to any other, but only with Battery.
It seems, like it would work locked stand alone, but I’ ve checked VST folders, as well as updated VST connections, as well as checked set up of VST’ s itself…What is that little thing I haven’ t went through ? Used to work on PC, Now
I ’ m on mac for more then a year, but a this is new for me.
Thanks for help

My Gear> Cubase 6.5.0, MacBook Pro, i7, 2.66GHz,8Gb RAM,
external sound card M-Audio FW 1814,Steinberg CC121;

Have you opened and used Batter-3 in stand alone mode? (Not in Cubase)

Sounds like what you are seeing is what happens when you are using a 32bit plugin in a 64bit version of Cubase. Make sure to update Battery to the newest version. I’m pretty sure they released a 64bit version of Battery 3. That should solve your problem. :sunglasses: