VST Not Appearing in Dorico PLAY section

Hi Dorico,

I downloaded EZDrummer and a few other drum VST and AU libraries, but they’re not appearing in my Dorico PLAY section.

Attached picture showing the standalone VST in the background, but it’s not appearing within Dorico:

The installations went great, but I’m stuck. I searched both “Playback Template” and “Playback Options” with no luck. As mentioned, I also tried the Audio Units versions.

Any help?

I searched for a troubleshooting documentation but found nothing. This video was not much help.:

Hi @waltribeiro ,
please do Edit > Preferences and then click on the VST Plug-ins tab. A little bit down are two lists with “Allowed Plug-ins” and “Blocked Plug-ins”.
Now, if in there one of your desired plug-ins does not appear, then you first have to tell Dorico where to find them. Therefore scroll up a again and see the list of VST2 Plug-in Paths. Click on the plus icon and enter any necessary path . Apply the changes and restart Dorico.
After that, new plug-ins shall appear in the Blocked PLug-ins list. You either click the “Allow All” or the “<”-button to move them over to the other side. Again, do Apply and close the dialog and restart Dorico yet again. Then everything should be fine.
Should you still miss something, please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Hi @Ulf!

My VST is now loaded, thanks for that. However, I’m unable to get the channel / port combination to trigger on the sheet music. Here’s a video that shows what’s happening:

I’ve tried putting the VST’s kick drum to “C1” but then none of the C1’s trigger the note. I’ve also tried changing all the notes and channel / port with no success. I have the same problem with different VSTs with no success.

Any help?

Hi @waltribeiro , may I ask you to watch John’s tutorial video from 25:45 where he explains everything about how to set up drums and percussion maps.
And in this thread even someone posted a simple percussion map for MT Power Drum Kit that you should be able to use.

Ok I’ll check it out. I’ve been watching this tutorial which has been very helpful:

However, I just purchased Dorico 4.0 so now I have a bunch of other PLAY questions. Plus a few bugs to report later this week. But so far so good. Have a great weekend!

Hi Ulf, unfortunately, after upgrading to Dorico 4, the plugin is not selectable in the Play section anymore, even if it is whitelisted (see screenshots). Attached you find the Diagnostic Report.


Dorico Diagnostics.zip (2.6 MB)

Hi @frave , where is MT-PowerDrumKit installed on your harddrive? You have to tell Dorico the search path to the plug-in. You do that at the same place where you took the first screenshot, just above there.

Hi Ulf, it is installed in the same path as the other plugins, otherwise i should’n see it in the whitelist, i think? But i will check it this evening.

No, into the whitelist you can just write anything you like. Please do check the installation location of the MT-Drums and add it to the search paths.

Don’t know, something is weird… i had in fact to add the folder to the vst plugin paths, seems it was removed with the update. But it doesn’t matter, i still cannot select the plugin in play mode.

Hi @frave , then another diagnostics report, please.

And just asking, from your screenshot I see that you have some VST3 plug-ins there on that E: drive. You are aware that VST3 plug-ins don’t get picked up from there? Unlike VST2 plug-ins, VST3 plug-ins have to be installed in locations as specified in the VST3 SDK.

Hi @Ulf ,
here you go!
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (2.1 MB)

You are aware that VST3 plug-ins don’t get picked up from there?

Honestly, i didn’t know. Fortunately, it didn’t matter, since i just copied them in this folder, and Dorico found them somewhere else. :smiley: Anyway, thanks for the advise! Seems i have a little cleanup to do…

To keep things simple i removed all folders but two of them, the predefined VST3 folder and my VStplugins folder. But the other 4 (from the selected one to the bottom of the list in the screenshot) where recreated, everytime Dorico starts up. This is intended, right?

But still, the MT-PowerDrumKit does not show up… :thinking:

Hi @frave , thanks again for the data. According to the logs the audio engine detects the MT-drums and also communicates the availability to Dorico, so it should appear.
In Play Mode when you choose on the left side the VST Rack tab, does it not turn up in the drop down list of available instruments?
I don’t have MT-drums installed but the attached picture shows the list where it should turn up.

Hi @Ulf
confirm, there it is! Once selected there, i can select it also under the inspector. Till now i looked only in the dropdown of the Inspector (as i posted in a previous screenshot). Wasn’t aware that i need to add it before in the VSTRack.
Only to get it right: under the Inspector i see only VST’s which where added automatically by the Playback Template? Other or new VST’s i have to add then over the VSTRack?

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