VST packs still need the key?

I have Cubase 12 which no longer needs the usb key. But my groove agent complains of the key is not attached.
Is this going to be fixed ?

Its been a while now.

Please move Groove Agent content to Steinberg License.

Purple, Neuro Mind Set, Colliding Worlds, etc.

Not sure where I do this. I didn’t see anything in thr library manager /download assistant programs
(I’m in a Mac btw)

Please follow the instructions in this article to check if upgrade vouchers are available for these licenses:

Another day… another scratch my head over the whole Steinberg ecosystem.
I don’t have any vouchers listed…
interesting enough, in my ACTIVATION MANAGER, i don’t even see Groove Agent…
should i call support on this ?
unless you can tell me the next step

i noticed two vouchers, but i didn’t know they were there… I don’t think i need those 2 programs.
I don;;t see anything relating to Groove Agent, maybe they expired and disappeared ?
I have Logic and GarageBand and FLSTUDIO in my SPACEX folder… you know… if my cubase explodes , i will have to lower myself to the other program, lol

Could you please share with us what exactly (verbatim) that error says?

When the key is not attached :
Some content cannot be loaded . Either missing liscence or expired

You still need the key. (by the way, according to your screen shot you don’t own Groove Agent, you’re using the included Groove Agent SE )

See https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/4413291566994-List-of-software-relying-on-Steinberg-Licensing

Here is the statement Steinberg maintains on the topic. They update it periodically.


Well that’s a bummer. You would think the programmers could tweak the software somehow.
Or maybe ask ChatGPT to generate the necessary code. :slight_smile: