VST Panel Disappears

I recently purchased a license for Elements and have yet to have the program running properly. First it was an issue with the eLicenser. That’s cleared up thanks to help here in the USA.

New issue. I was exploring instruments in the right side panel, clicked on the Analog_Lab that was available from the purchase of a keyboard. It opened fine but I couldn’t get it working. I just reinstalled Windows a week ago, if that matters. Anyway, I was searching again on a later boot of the program and I accessed a menu drop down about what format to display the instruments and all the names disappeared. When I reboot and try again, the text appears for a brief second and then disappears.

Please advise.

When I try to load an instrument by right clicking in the far left side of the work area, a dialog pops up and when I choose, for instance, Analog Lab (came with my keyboard), I do not have a list to choose from and the whole Analog Lab is loaded, not a specific plugin. I had this issue from the beginning. That and the fact that I can’t use the far right panel for adding instruments, as noted. That part did work at first but since has disappeared.