VST Panner Disable not working

I tryed to disable the VST Panner within an Audio Channel. But the Panner is still active! (Can`t be disabled)
Especially a problem if you running Quad or Ambisonic Bus Setup.

My Goal was to route 4 Mono Channels, recorded from a Sennheiser VR Mic, to a 1Th Order Ambisonic Group Bus.
This isnt even possible. :frowning:

So I tried it over a Quadro Bus, which is possible by hard panning.
Then I used the Ambeo Plug in to Convert from Ambisonics A to B Format within this Quadro Group.
To Finaly get a Ambinonics B Channel, I routed the Output of the Quadro Group to this Ambisonis Group.
But I can see that the Output Levels of the Quadro Group is not the same as the Input of the Ambisonics Group.
Even if I hit the disable Button of the VST Panner in the Channel Strip, it stays active.
I think this is a Bug.

To Work propper with Ambisonics, my solution was as follow:
Import the 4 Mono files to dedicated 4 Mono Tracks.
Setting up an Ambisonics Outbut Bus at the Studio.
Route the Mono Tracks to the single Sub-Bus of the Ambisonics Output Bus.
Export it to a Multichannel wav.
Then Reimport it as 4 Channel 1th Order Ambisonics Track.

The not nice thing is, if you want to export the Binaural Stereo file. (HRTF processed) you have to Re-Route this from the Phones Out Back to an Input in the Hardware-Interface.

I hope that the Bug with disabling the VST Panner ist solved soon.


I have tried it here on my side and it works. Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?


I tried it within the Safe Start Mode but it didnt help.
When I change the Panner Type in the Channel Configuration to Standard, this can be disabled.
But The VST Ambi Decoder cant be disabled. :frowning:

Just to complete:
I am using a MacBookPro 15" Late 2017 // macOS 10.13.6 // Cubase 10.0.4 // UR44 Interface


I don’t see the visual feedback on the panner directly (in the MixConsole or in the Inspector), but when I open the plug-in, I can see the bypass status is changing. Can you confirm, please?


I just tried the Surround Mix Converter and the 3th Party Plugin DEAR VR Ambi Micro. (Panner Type Selection)
On both Types the disable Button works!
And I am still in the Safe Start Mode.

So it looks that only the VST Ambi Decoder has this Bug.

Sorry I didnt saw your reply.
Yes I can confirm this. You have to open the Panner settings by Double Clicking within the Channel Settings Window.
The the Bypass Button shows up.