VST param name changes - file location?

Hey, guys.

I’m following Hugh’s suggestion of renaming all the 8 char names in my VST plugins via the remote control editor. I’m installed on three boxes and don’t want to duplicate the effort, so I was going to just copy the files. However, I can’t seem to make out where the files are stored with the changes I just made, e.g. changing the param names on the Waves SSL E Channel plugin.

I’ve been poking around here, am I missing something?

C:\Users[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 9_64

Also, if any SB folks are listening, this link no longer points to file preferences. Instead it brings up the “Cubase And Apple Mac Pro’s Built-in Audio Device” page.


Not sure of the answer for you but… this is the list of Cubase & Nuendo preference locations. So it’s got to be one of these. I’ll guess that it is one of the “VST Preference” locations. Good luck.


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Thanks, man.

I’d been browsing through this area but I’m not seeing anything that leaps out at me as “this is where the names you assigned in the Waves SSL pluging are stored.”

Anyone know which rabbit hole this can be found in?

I’ve looked through the manual and also browsed all the preference files under %appdata%, and I still can’t figure out where the name changes for plugins are stored.

Does anyone know where these changes are located?