VST Parameters into MIDI Automation Track

I have a question regarding the MIDI automation Track (CC).
I would like to know if I can copy the VST parameters and paste it directly into the project file’s MIDI automation tracks.

I know how to save and load these parameters as a preset but except activate the Write automation mode and moving the buttons one-by-one (which isn’t very convenient) I really don’t know how to copy the VST parameters into the MIDI automation track.

I guess this is really an uncommon question here, but it could be useful for me.
By the way sorry if my English is a bit broken.

Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Sorry, I’m not sure, I understand your question right.

Do you want to automate a VST parameter (of VST plug-in or VST Instrument) by using MIDI Controllers?

Hello! Thanks for your answer.

I would like to automate a VST parameter of a VST plug-in or VST Instrument by just copying the value.
For an example if there’s an option to set the Cutoff on the VST instrument I would like to copy the value in the MIDI automate track (in the CC part) directly without using the “Writing Automate” fonction since it’s seems to work only when you record it and need tho move the value while the record mode is on.

I saw that in the MIDI Automation CC part I could enter the values directly but it’s really not convenient to search for the VST functions.

I don’t know if it make it more understable?


OK, so you want to print/write current parameters’ value to the MIDI Track, right?

Sorry, this is not possible.

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I thought it could be possible… Anyway thank you for your answer!