VST paths in plugin manager

Hi there,
I just reorganized my VST Plugins so that I only use 2 directory es. The one from Cubase 8.5 itself and one for 3rd party Stuff. So I deleted all others in Plugin Manager because they are empty. Then I deleted The Dirs. However when I restart Cubase they appear again in manager and are created again physically. Any idea why this happens?

Thanx in advance.


Hi Holgerx,

When Cubase starts up, it scans for VSTs by default.

You have to manually change that if you don’t want it to.

You can see it in what’s called the ‘splash screen’, which is the first graphic you see when you click to start Cubase - (dark black and red).

If you watch carefully, you’ll see a running list scrolling along in white letters.

I always watch that when I start it up.

Ah - this is something you really cannot change unless you edit the relevant XML file that details the myriad of “default” locations there seem to be these days (I can think of at least 5 supposed default VST2 plugin paths)

The best way to control what actually appears is to create your own plugin folder - copy the default plugin set (this is in the plugin manager) and then rearrange/delete & rename or create folders to your needs.