VST paths on Cubase Artist 8.0.5?

OK, I’ve pored over the Help file in Cubase to no avail, Googled for the answer with the same result. I’m stumped.

Updated to Artist 8 (and just again to 8.0.5) and I cannot, for the life of me, see how to add VST paths to plug ins such as Kontakt, Omnisphere and the like. The method from 7.5 seems to have been wiped out with no obvious replacement.

Wildly unhelpful interface and my official support request may as well have been written on a child’s kite somewhere.

Can anyone give me a quick pointer? £41 on what seems to be an unusable update thus far; luckily, I can still use my 7.5 installation.

Thanks is advance.

– open the Plug-in Manager (under Devices)
– click on the “gear-wheel” at the bottom left
– “+” sign to add a new path

You can assign a key command to open/close the Plug-in Manager