VST Paths Streamlined?

Hi All,

Been optimizing over past few days. Among other things, I’ve been having trouble with CPU spikes and crackles and crashes. Anyways here’s my specific questions:

A couple of my 3rd party plugins reside in MacHD > Audio > VST > subfolder, whereas most, including Steinberg/Cubase, reside in User (me) > Audio > VST.

Would having them all in one “spot” be beneficial? Also, I read that someone had success with taking their 3rd party plugins out of their respective sub-folders and to just have them in the VST folder (no subfolder). Any validity to this? Or, would it just confuse things?


You can put them anywhere, but don’t put them in the same directory as Cubase’s native plugs. Once moved, point to the location via Plugin Info-VST2.x Paths.