VST Performance-File size of program

I have bad VST performance when I play the program « Poly Dance » in Halion5.

I notice that this program have 0 Bytes in column « File size ».
Does it mean that program is « read » in streaming instead of being loaded in RAM ?

Pictures shows settings.
Real-time peak and Average load (dec 2016).png

I couldn’t find the Poly Dance program so I guess it’s from an additional sound pack.

Program size and CPU usage aren’t really related, it’s more about voices and polyphony. If the program size is 0 kb, that means it’s a program that’s only using the internal synth and no samples.

Some Halion sound packs are copy protected and limit your access to settings, but there are 2 ways to alleviate this problem.

  1. You can turn on voice management under the program’s sound tab to limit polyphony.

  2. I presume this is a program with a long release time, that’s usually where the buildup occurs. So if you have access to the amp envelope release time via the zone tab, quick controls or a macro window, try shortening the release significantly.