VST Performance in Cubase 8 vs 7.5


Has anyone had any luck with these problems?



I did post in this topic Cubase 8 Pro Performance - Cubase - Steinberg Forums and i will copy/paste
my post…

I upgraded to Cubase Pro 8 from 7.5 yesterday and i did some test’s.
Today saw this threat and i was wondering how it is possible that i have a performance boost of something like 40% if not more…
I have a project with only Vsti’s : 23 kontakt instances with orchestral libraries from strings to percusssion and brass (dont want to name the libraries because off topic).Big and memory hungry libraries.Add to many channels FX like compressors and EQ and 3 Fx channels with reverbs and delays.
So Cubase 7.5 at 2048 buffer size (48.xxx ms latency) in my asio driver and i had peaks and i had to go 4096 buffers to can hear it with SOME performance peaks. At all this Asio Guard was enabled.
Cubase 8 at 64 buffer size (3.xxx ms latency ) and with Asio Guard at high ,project runs smooth between 50% and 80% and all this at that small buffer size.If i raise the buffers the performance meter goes down to 30% has max point at 60%.
Of course i’m talking about averange meter not the real time.

How is that possible that i see that big difference in performance boost and others have performance lost? Weird…

My configuration:

Motherboard: Asus M4A78
CPU : AMD Phaenom II x4
Ram : 8GB
Soundcard : Digi Design rack 002
Asio Driver version : 8.0.4 64bit


I will test with a project without 64bit plugins and Vsti’s maybe that is one of the problems…

for the many people with problems upgrading to C8, is it unreasonable to request a new serial to enable only 7.5 to run and request a refund?

I’m thinking about asking for a refund too. I can’t do what I need to do.

Has anyone tried looking at their video card? I found this post about cubase 7.5

I have noticed that my audio interface and video card often seem to conflict, when trying to use skype or facetime for instance.

Also, I have recently noticed that, when I automate in Cubase 8 - the graphics do not follow the automation (i.e. knobs don’t turn as written, but the audio automation works)

Perhaps this is a solution? Problem is - I am on an iMac and can’t find a way to modify my graphics card.

I will try.

Has anybody tryed this:

Steinberg says: This occurs with specific combinations of FireWire or USB audio devices and when ASIO-Guard is enabled. Make sure that “Steinberg Audio Power Scheme” is enabled in the VST Devices setup to resolve the issue.

I will try as soon as I get home.


I have gone back to 7.5 and the issue is still there even though it was fine before I changed to 8. The other thing I did was upgrade to ur44 from ur22 surely this cannot be the problem?

By the way how long are expected to wait after offing an issue officially? I diary logged my problem over 2 weeks ago with a second one about a week ago I have heard nothing.
Very poor

many of us are having the same issues with our virtual instruments.

Jesus I’m frustrated:

I am praying that this is addressed in the new update.

I didn’t have these problems at first but then the real time spike in CB8 and 7.5 has started occurring - I was forced to reinstall Komplete and this co-incided with the issue so it looks like it’s a configuration problem somewhere. Now the weird bit - as an experiment I enabled multi-core in Kontact (something you’re not supposed to do) and my issue largely went away. Although my CPU is still busy I can now work on largish projects without CPU issues. I could try a project without Kontact - however I use Kontact in everything I do - so if avoiding it fixes my issue then I may as well not bother making music! Should have bought Halion 5 when it was on offer recently as a backup!

I’ve tried all combinations of ASIO guard off on and various levels - it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

And with multi core enabled in Kontakt you have better performance?

Yes, the real time CPU spikes disappear altogether - well, for me anyway!

There’s obvious a real subtlety to the issue because at one point my system was running beautifully - now I need multicore turned on in CB8 and Kontact or I hit stutter issues when trying to record live keyboard VSTs on even moderate sized projects. The number of buffers I use from 128 to 512 don’t seem to make a huge difference.

Just my 2 cents…

It’s not a good comparison to test an old project from cubase 6/7 in 8 and expect better or same results. When I open old projects, I get weird bugs all the time in random places. For example I had huge sessions with several samples on HDD’s, I then opened the sessions and manually located the libraries on my new SSDs but things were still acting funny. Random drop outs, sustained notes, etc. Whenever I start fresh everything runs smooth. Cubase 6 + VePro is all I need, although Logic Pro is still more of a power house in general I’ve found.

All the best!

Same experience here.
Using C8 64bit and rewire Ableton and FLStudio all in 64bit.
Many drop outs, glitches, VST performances issues… tried so many tweaks, nothing would fix it.
Didn’t try the BIOS thing someone posted before about turning off hyperthreading …etc.

But, amazing thing that you can open a C8 project in 7.0.6 (didn’t buy 7.5, tired of all these new paying upgrades)
In my 7.0.6 version, everything opened in 64bit… all works very well. I Can do music again :slight_smile:

My idea is that there are some serious GUI/Graphic issues with C8… Was almost going to buy a brand new graphic card just to increase graphic performances… but since it works like a charm in 7.0, why would I ?

As other people said, please release an upgrade version when users can just go for it and be sure that all will work better… Every Cubase upgrade for so many years seems like an unsafe thing to do.

I agree, I have noticed some graphics issues when automating panners and levels. It seems sluggish and jerky. I still havent resolved this issue.

I am still having MAJOR graphic sluggish behavior since cubase moved up to version 8.x.

7.5 did not have these issues. The higher my CPU goes the worst it seems to get, but again 7.5 did not have these issues.

Are others still having problems?

Doesnt anyone from Cubase ever respond to these kind of threads? Sounds like multiple people having serious issues and the silence is deafening. I’m considering a chnage from Sonar to Cubase, but if this kind of thing happened on the Sonar forum there would be Sonar staff chiming in with comments and suggestions.

To be fair, what should Steinberg say (and this is a community forum, after all)? People are running Cubase on widely different hardware configurations - e.g. on my current pc cubase 8 blows both 7.5 and 6.5 right out of the water, performance-wise (hundreds of VSTi tracks difference) at the same latency.

And just because c7.5 runs perfectly on a particular pc doesn’t necessarily mean that c8 will - just the other day a fellow forum member discovered that it was the legacy driver he had installed for his fire-wire card that caused problems in c8, even though earlier versions of cubase ran just fine with it. After updating the driver c8 ran without problems.

I just did it the other way round, Sonar Platinum saved me for the last productions…

Gotta wait till Steinberg gets this solved…