VST Performance now maxing out?

Hi, i have an issue which i have never seen before. If i have record enable selected on the currently selected track and i play a few notes on a vst instrument the bottom meter jumps up from like 5% to 75%+
Every time i use my ketboard to choose a difference patch the meter also hits maximum.
This has never happened before, I am using Cubase 8 Pro. The only changes I have made are a new interface, gone from UR22 to UR44, added Groove agent 4 and possibly the most significant change is I have changed my projects from an SSD drive to a 7200 HD. I have formatted the HD and use this only for projects, therefore all audio is being recorded to the 7200 HD which I see is the recommended way to do things.
The only other thing is i have installed demo versions of Rob Papen Raw, Blue II, Preditor and Ni Massive.

Any ideas what this could be, i have made sure asio guard is on, boost is on but still the same.

I really dont want to but i feel i must format machine and install again and checking before each VST install if things are ok.

If someone could explain what the bottom peak performance meter is actualy monitoring that would be a good start for my investigations. Otherwise I will start to uninstall the demo VSTs and see how it goes.
Any help appreciated as this is driving me nutts.

I have exactly the same problem. However the only thing that has changed with my setup is Cubase 8. It’s the same system I was using with Cubase 5. I have no clue. What are you using as ASIO driver?

Hi I am using the Yamaha Asio driver that goes with the new UR 44 I just got. Perhaps I should try my old driver. I just purchased omnisphere (not got it yet) so need this sorting asap as won’t be able to run it.
I will check that I still have Strindberg power scheme selected as I have heard this would help in some cases.

I don’t know if it’s a problem. But I think I had a similar problem back on cubase 5 when I first bought it, and the ASIO driver was the cause. This has to be a simple problem or conflict somewhere.

Hmm, i think and hope i may have discovered the problem with mine. I already mentioned i had installed some demo stuff. This was Rob Papen Stuff as a friend is more into EDM. As friend has been using my stuff for around a week and a half through the day he asked if he could install a few pieces of demo software, which i had no problem with. So software installed and all was fine. Now last night i noticed that a particular plugin was not showing up as an Automapped VST (i use novation keyboard with Automap). To cut a long story short apparently this particular VST was removed as the demo restrictions kept kicking in (really!) so a cracked version was installed. Let me make it clear I have no illegal software at all on my machine and proud of it. So in any case i run this VST and found the issues were far greater in this one. Therefore I will be removing this particular plugin and hoping it is this causing the issue. I will also remove all of the other demo installs as I am now a little sceptical. This is really annoying as I am hoping my Omnisphere is delivered today. I will update this post when i get how later this afternoon. If this fails I am wiping computer and spending all weekend re-installing.