VST performance spike on play

Hi all,

I’ve noticed I get a performance spike into the red every time I start to play a song. I clear the spike from the meter, and no other spikes occur the rest of the song. I’m wondering the following:

  1. Are any of you seeing this behavior
  2. Does it matter. (it doesn’t seem to)


It is probably just the ASIO guard “looking ahead”. If it doesn’t cause any pops or clicks, I wouldn’t worry about it.


Well, not initially. after a while those “hello birds hello trees” spikes become more frequent (not always).

I don’t know what to do next : turn off ASIO guard ? turn it on again ? there is some flowed there, I don’t know what. sometimes performance is insanely good (I regularly check with DAW bench)… and minutes after that it falls back (spikes begin).